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Fedtrim Post Accessories
Fedtrim Post Accessories
Post Cover Support Kits

Fedtrim Post Accessories

Fedtrim post accessories are essential to completing the finish of posts:

* Available as a 2-piece retro fit product or a complete kit incorporating a metal post support.

* Their versatility and paintability make them a great finishing touch.

F-CAFedkit Cover All (Base of Post) suits 90/ 135mm6
F-FC65Fedcover Mini 2 Piece suits 65/ 65mm24
F-FC7050Fedcover Mini 2 Piece suits 70/ 50mm24
F-FC75Fedcover Mini 2 Piece suits 75/ 75mm24
F-LFC2Fedcover Large 2 Piece suits 112/ 135mm12
F-LFKFedkit Large Post Cover & Support Kit suits 112/ 135mm12
F-SFC1Fedcover Small 1 Piece suits 90/ 100mm24
F-SFC2Fedcover Small 2 Piece suits 90/ 100mm24
F-SFKFedkit Small Post Cover & Support Kit suits 90/ 100mm12