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Arno Swedish Cam Buckle Straps
Arno Swedish Cam Buckle Straps
Arno Display Carton of 40 straps

Arno Swedish Cam Buckle Straps

Arno Cam Buckle Straps are the highest rated cam buckle strap in the world at 500kg:

* Made in Sweden with the European Standards rating stamped into the metal cam buckle.

*Sewn edges on the strapping which are dyed in bright bold colours

* Coming in four popular sizes - 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m, they have a wide range of uses from camping and fishing, tools to timber, motorbikes to stage equipment.

* Available in a compact impulse buy carton of 40, comprising 10 of each size or as refill packs.

* Individually barcoded and the barcodes are also printed on the back of the carton.



ART119Arno Cam Buckle Straps Refill 0.5m Blue10
ART120Arno Cam Buckle Straps Display Pack (40 Pieces - 10 of each size)1
ART121Arno Cam Buckle Straps Refill 1.0m Yellow10
ART122Arno Cam Buckle Straps Refill 1.5m Green10
ART123Arno Cam Buckle Straps Refill 2.0m Red10