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Alpha Metric Carded Drill Display
Alpha Metric Carded Drill Display

Alpha Metric Carded Drill Display

Free Wall Display Frame with Stock. Drill Size Gauge on top of Display. Supplied Stocked with 196 Pieces.

Alpha Total Display Includes all the Following:1
C9D11Alpha Drill Bit #11 D/E 2/Cd5
C9D20Alpha Drill Bit #20 D/E 2/Cd5
C9D30Alpha Drill Bit #30 D/E 2/Cd5
C9LM010Alpha Drill Bit 1.0mm 2/Cd10
C9LM015Alpha Drill Bit 1.5mm 2/Cd10
C9LM020Alpha Drill Bit 2.0mm 2/Cd10
C9LM025Alpha Drill Bit 2.5mm 2/Cd10
C9LM030Alpha Drill Bit 3.0mm 2/Cd10
C9LM035Alpha Drill Bit 3.5mm 1/Cd10
C9LM040Alpha Drill Bit 4.0mm 1/Cd10
C9LM045Alpha Drill Bit 4.5mm 1/Cd10
C9LM050Alpha Drill Bit 5.0mm 1/Cd10
C9LM055Alpha Drill Bit 5.5mm 1/Cd5
C9LM060Alpha Drill Bit 6.0mm 1/Cd10
C9LM065Alpha Drill Bit 6.5mm 1/Cd5
C9LM070Alpha Drill Bit 7.0mm 1/Cd5
C9LM075Alpha Drill Bit 7.5mm 1/Cd5
C9LM080Alpha Drill Bit 8.0mm 1/Cd10
C9LM085Alpha Drill Bit 8.5mm 1/Cd5
C9LM090Alpha Drill Bit 9.0mm 1/Cd5
C9LM095Alpha Drill Bit 9.5mm 1/Cd3
C9LM100Alpha Drill Bit 10.0mm 1/Cd10
C9LM105Alpha Drill Bit 10.5mm 1/Cd3
C9LM110Alpha Drill Bit 11.0mm 1/Cd3
C9LM115Alpha Drill Bit 11.5mm 1/Cd3
C9LM120Alpha Drill Bit 12.0mm 1/Cd3
C9LM125Alpha Drill Bit 12.5mm 1/Cd3
C9LM130Alpha Drill Bit 13.0mm 1/Cd3
C9S20Alpha Stub Drill #20 2/Cd5
C9S30Alpha Stub Drill #30 2/Cd5