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Inox Lubricants
Inox Lubricants
MX3 & MX4 - Inox & Lanox Aerosol Cans

Inox Lubricants

Inox Lubricants are a premium Australian range of products with many applications and a wide variety of solutions to suit:

* Inox MX3 - Anti moisture, anti corrosion lubricant. Food Grade version available.

* Lanox MX4 - Heavy duty, anti corrosion lanolin lubricant. Designed for industries needing a higher protection from moisture. Food Grade version available.

* Inox MX5 - Inox Plus PTFE Aerosol. A great anti-static product for sliding windows and doors.

* Inox MX8 - Premium industrial grade high temperature PTFE grease.

* Inox MX9 - No Chukka Chain Lube with PTFE. An ultimate lube for all chains from industry to motorbikes.

MX11-500Inox MX11 Chain & Brake 500g Aerosol Can12
MX3-100Inox MX3 100g Aerosol Can24
MX3-20Inox MX3 20L Drum with Applicator and tap1
MX3-300Inox MX3 300g Aerosol Can12
MX3-5Inox MX3 5L with Applicator1
MX3-60Inox MX3 60ml Injector Blister Pack12
MX3-AInox 500ml Trigger Spray Bottle1
MX3FG-20Inox MX3 Food Grade 20L Drum with Applicator & Tap1
MX3FG-300Inox MX3 Food Grade 300g Aerosol Can12
MX3FG-5Inox MX3 Food Grade 5L with Applicator1
MX3FG-AInox Food Grade 500ml Trigger Spray Bottle1
MX4-20Lanox MX4 20L Drum with Applicator & Tap1
MX4-300Lanox MX4 300g Aerosol Can12
MX4-5Lanox MX4 5L with Applicator1
MX4-ALanox 500ml Trigger Spray Bottle1
MX4G-2.5Lanox MX4 Lanolin Grease 2.5kg Tub4
MX4G-500Lanox MX4 Lanolin Grease 500g Tub12
MX5-30Inox MX5 Plus PTFE 30ml Injector Blister Pack12
MX5-300Inox MX5 Plus PTFE 300g Aerosol Can12
MX6-250Inox MX6 Food Grade Grease 250g Tub12
MX6-450Inox MX6 Food Grade Grease 450g Cartridge12
MX6-BP-30Inox MX6 Food Grade Grease 30ml Injector Blister Pack12
MX7-125Inox MX7 Extreme Pressure PTFE Paste 125g Tube12
MX8-2.5Inox MX8 High Temp PTFE Grease 2.5kg Tub4
MX8-300Inox MX8 High Temp PTFE Grease 300g Aerosol Can12
MX8-450Inox MX8 High Temp PTFE Grease 450g Cartridge12
MX8-500Inox MX8 High Temp PTFE Grease 500g Tub6
MX9-300Inox MX9 No Chukka Chain 300g Aerosol Can12