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Alpha Imperial Carded Drill Display
Alpha Imperial Carded Drill Display

Alpha Imperial Carded Drill Display

Free Wall Display Frame with Stock. Drill Size Gauge on top of Display. Supplied Stocked with 184 Pieces.

Alpha Total Display Includes all the Following
C9LI1132Alpha Drill Bit 11/32" 1/Cd5
C9LI116Alpha Drill Bit 1/16" 2/Cd10
C9LI1164Alpha Drill Bit 11/64" 1/Cd10
C9LI12Alpha Drill Bit 1/2" 1/Cd3
C9LI1332Alpha Drill Bit 13/32" 1/Cd3
C9LI1364Alpha Drill Bit 13/64" 1/Cd10
C9LI14Alpha Drill Bit 1/4" 1/Cd5
C9LI1532Alpha Drill Bit 15/32" 1/Cd3
C9LI1564Alpha Drill Bit 15/64" 1/Cd5
C9LI1764Alpha Drill Bit 17/64" 1/Cd5
C9LI18Alpha Drill Bit 1/8" 2/Cd10
C9LI1964Alpha Drill Bit 19/64" 1/Cd5
C9LI2164Alpha Drill Bit 21/64" 1/Cd5
C9LI2364Alpha Drill Bit 23/64" 1/Cd5
C9LI2564Alpha Drill Bit 25/64" 1/Cd3
C9LI2764Alpha Drill Bit 27/64" 1/Cd3
C9LI316Alpha Drill Bit 3/16" 1/Cd10
C9LI3164Alpha Drill Bit 31/64" 1/Cd3
C9LI332Alpha Drill Bit 3/32" 2/Cd10
C9LI38Alpha Drill Bit 3/8" 1/Cd10
C9LI516Alpha Drill Bit 5/16" 1/Cd5
C9LI532Alpha Drill Bit 5/32" 1/Cd10
C9LI564Alpha Drill Bit 5/64" 2/Cd10
C9LI716Alpha Drill Bit 7/16" 1/Cd3
C9LI732Alpha Drill Bit 7/32" 1/Cd5
C9LI764Alpha Drill Bit 7/64" 2/Cd10
C9LI932Alpha Drill Bit 9/32" 1/Cd5
C9LI964Alpha Drill Bit 9/64" 1/Cd10