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Drywall Plastering Tools
Drywall Plastering Tools

Drywall Plastering Tools

From DIY to trade applications.

CT284Internal Finishing Corner Tool Wooden Handle6
GP942Gauge Pot Rectangle 10L25
H6422Plastering Hawk Aluminium with Wood Handle 12"6
HX311Plasterers Hammer 1 Piece Steel6
JBG08Applicator Knife for Stud Adhesive12
MP205Power Unit Mixer 100mm Diameter 600mm Long6
ST012Forged Small Tool 12mm10
ST018Forged Small Tool 18mm10
ST025Forged Small Tool 25mm10
T827PRed Plastic Trowel Italian Style 280mm10
T9027Aluminium Calibrated T-Square Heavy Duty 1200mm10
T9028Aluminium Calibrated T-Square Heavy Duty 1350mm10
TKM08Taping Knife 200mm6
TKM10Taping Knife 250mm6
TKM12Taping Knife 300mm6
TPC200Trowel Curved 200mm12
TPC280Trowel Curved 280mm12
TPF200Trowel Flat 200mm12
TPF280Trowel Flat 280mm12