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Packers/ Wedges
Packers/ Wedges
Plastic Packers

Packers/ Wedges

For all general building applications, especially door and window installation.

SHIM15-LBuilders Packers Plastic Large 100mm - 1-5mm thickness, 20 of each1
SHIM15-SBuilders Packers Plastic Small 55mm - 1-5mm thickness, 30 of each1
SHIM610-LBuilders Packers Plastic Large 100mm - 6-10mm thickness, 10 of each1
SHIM610-SBuilders Packers Plastic Small 55mm - 6-10mm thickness, 15 of each1
SHIMTP530Builders Packers Plastic Trade Pack of 530 - mix of Large and Small in 1-10mm thickness1