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Fedtrim Gable Vents
Fedtrim Gable Vents
Full Moon & Square Gable Vent

Fedtrim Gable Vents

Fedtrim gable vents are made in Australia. Available in:

* Functional (Vented and fitted with insect screen) or Non-Functional (for Architectural Purposes Only).

* All measurements are in millimeters.

* Fully paintable, easy to fit and versatile.

FM330Fedtrim Functional Full Moon 330mm Diameter1
FM330N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Full Moon 330mm diameter1
FM440Fedtrim Functional Full Moon 440mm Diameter1
FM440N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Full Moon 440mm diameter1
FM550Fedtrim Functional Full Moon 550mm Diameter1
FM550N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Full Moon 550mm diameter1
FM730Fedtrim Functional Full Moon 730mm Diameter1
FM730N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Full Moon 730mm diameter1
HM700Fedtrim Functional Half Moon 700w x 400mm1
HM700N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Half Moon 700w x 400mm1
HM840Fedtrim Functional Half Moon 840w x 530mm1
HM840N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Half Moon 840w x 530mm1
OC440Fedtrim Functional Octagonal 440mm1
OC440N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Octagonal 440mm1
OC550Fedtrim Functional Octagonal 550mm1
OC550N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Octagonal 550mm1
R400Fedtrim Functional Rectangular 400w x 550mm1
R400N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Rectangular 400w x 550mm1
RT420Fedtrim Functional Round Top 420w x 620mm1
RT420N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Round Top 420w x 620mm1
SQ330Fedtrim Functional Square 330 x 330mm1
SQ330N/FFedtrim Non-Functional Square 330 x 330mm1